Intransit Technologies

Your global source for authentic, quality-tested electronic components. No requirement is too large or complex for us to meet. We do our own testing of many parts and contract out sophisticated testing requirements to our certified laboratory partner. If you need it immediately, we'll work around the clock to meet your deadline. Let us be your sourcing partner.



Intransit Technologies' consummate reputation comes from a team of procurement specialists, engineers and managers who bring nearly 20 years of experience to our company and provide superior products and services to our clients. Those clients include Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and other organizations  including those in the military, aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial and consumer industries. Companies around the world rely on us to provide the highest quality products in the marketplace on time and within — or under — budget. We typically provide components for 10-30% below franchised distribution prices so  that our clients can maximize their technology investment.



For you, our proven reliability means that you never have to worry about the quality of our products or processes. Our focus is on providing authentic products 100% of the time while delivering superior customer service.  Count on Intransit Technologies for your electronic component needs.

  • Our Vendor Qualification Program ensures a less than 0.5% return rate.
  • Our sophisticated Parts Tracking System allows us to search nearly 30 million part numbers to locate products in minutes.
  • Our Counterfeit Detection and Prevention Process allows us to  ensure that all products we sell are 100% authentic.



When you say you need a special shipment of parts delivered immediately, we understand how critical your request is and we deliver. That means we will utilize all available resources to ensure that your authentic, quality-tested products ship on time, every time. Our experienced team of procurement specialists has access to more than 30 million components through our vast network of OEMs and CEMs worldwide. We offer same day shipping and a quote turnaround of less than 5 minutes in most cases.


Call us today at 949-481-7935 to discuss your organization's electronic component needs. Intransit Technologies — quality you can rely on.

Our Services

While it is our job to provide hard-to-?nd and obsolete parts for our clients, we are also a franchise distributor for a select grouauct lines. We lead the industry in providing world-class service for every conceivable type of manufacturer across the country and beyond to the four corners of the globe.

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Intransit Technologies is your best choice for hard-to-?nd or obsolete/allocated/discontinued components.

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Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Our Sales Team includes certi?ed electrical and mechanical engineering support.

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RoHS Conversion Service

RoHS Conversion Service

We convert leaded parts into actual RoHS-Compliant product. All parts that we convert come with our RoHS Compliant Certificate.

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Popular Manufacturers & Brands

We buy and sell parts from some of the most popular brands and manufacturers from around the world.

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Request a Parts Quote

Reach out to our parts sepcialists for more infomation on pricing and availability

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